Official LEILA LUNATIC calendar 2016

On sale! 14.90


Featuring an haute couture dress by The Tailorwitch in the cover.

Like last year's calendars, they will contain 13 single-sided pages printed on matte coated 250g/m² matt photo paper, with a wall-mounting hook and binding at the top to hold all the pages in place. A3 size.

All months stay at the button of the images so when you are done with it, you can crop them and use the pictures as prints!

Featuring The Tailorwitch, original movie costumes from Legend of the Seeker, Latexcrazy, Fragile Pony, mad duck designs Latex factory <3

Your calendar comes to you with an autograph and a real lipstick kiss from me.

- DIN A3 vertical format
- 11.7 * 16.5 inches / 297 * 420mm, 0,4g
- 13 pages, can be used as posters afterwards
- 250g/m² matt photo paper
- black spiral binding

Note: If you don't have a paypal account, please message me on my fanpage so that you can pay via bank transfer. Thanks! ♥